Did You Check the Celestial Forecast Before Going Outside?

Given the ferocious pace of recent change, it's more important than ever to know which way the celestial winds are blowing so that you can set sail when the wind is at your back and seek shelter when storm clouds are brewing.

The celestial winds are not random, they are part of a complex and changing pattern of cycles. Astrology gives us a road map to help you live in harmony with these cycles. Because when you work with instead of against the Universe's rhythm's, you become more efficient, expend far less time and energy in obtaining your objectives, and minimize frustration.

In other words, you are in control and your life flows...

But the first step in taking effective action is to be on top of current astrological conditions.

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Mercury Retrograde periods have a well deserved reputation for being a time of computer glitches, communication snafus, mixed signals, mechanical breakdowns... But if you know what it is designed for, you'll not only save yourself a lot of frustration, but you will be able to advance your goals.

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